Tell Us Your Ghost Stories and Make it #Jocktober31

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Update: Congratulations @blindabilities You are the #jocktober31 winner of an Apogee mic!Update: All Entries Have Been Posted Below

Alright all you Bossjocks

Who's up for a little Halloween fun and a chance to win a wicked prize?

#Jocktober31 Apogee MiC Giveaway


If you are up for some last minute fun here's how to enter:

1) Post an original Ghost Story on Twitter with the hashtag #Jocktober31 and “made with @bossjockapp” at the end of the Tweet.

2) The Ghost Story must be made with bossjock studio and can be no longer than 5 minutes.

3) We will accept submissions up till 12pm EST this Halloween 2013.


The winner will be chosen by us based on Creativity, Technical Execution and overall Fun Factor. All entries will be aggregated here on the contest page. The winning Ghost Story will be displayed on the bossjock studio home page for at least a week and a sample of the winning story may be used in our own postings. We hope to announce the winner soon after the contest is closed. This is a bit of an experiment so please allow some leeway with regards to the results. We will keep you posted via our @bossjockapp Twitter account.

Not So Fine Print:

We reserve the right to omit any entries at our discretion that could be offensive or infringe on intellectual property. We also reserve the right to award a check, voucher, or gift certificate with the same value of the prize in place of the actual prize.


The Entries:

Well looks like Drew Weber @roosterloop gets to claim First!







Looking for some Spooky Music?

Andre Louis also know as @freakyfwoof on Twitter has been kind enough to offer up tracks for your use in this contest. Follow him on @onjmusic where he has made all sorts of wonderful tracks available for audio producers. Make sure to give him a shout out.


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