iRig MIC Cast a Killer External Mic for iOS

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There are a number of great external microphones that work with iOS and are a particularly good match for use with bossjock studio.

The iRig MIC Cast is a slick mic from IK Multimedia. The MIC Cast is tiny, requires no power and is fantastic at capturing audio from a close source while reducing ambient noise. It’s size is perfect for keeping in your mobile kit, ready to grab whenever you need to improve your audio. The mics on the iPhone and especially the iPad have a distant quality that can lack presence. MIC Cast sounds focused and has two mic sensitivity settings that allow you to dial in based on how close you are from the microphone. This is a great solution for Podcasting from trade shows, noisy pubs or sporting events.

For use with bossjock studio we recommend using the low gain setting. We also recommend a slight boost of the Mic Gain using bossjock studio’s Mic Fader.

There are limitations with all mics that connect to the iOS device’s headphone jack. For example all audio is processed via a “High Pass Filter” which essentially removes much of the bass frequencies. This can result in audio that sounds thin. However the iRig MIC Cast’s tight frequency response is a good aural fit for the limitations that the headphone jack imposes.

Another limitation of the headphone jack is that there can be some “crosstalk” between the headphones and the mic if you have the headphone volume set too high on your iOS device. This can result in feedback . The trick to avoid this is to lower the volume of the headphone output using the volume rocker on the side of the device. It’s always good practice to do a test recording before you record your main content to ensure that there are no issues. So in the case of the iRig Mic Cast if you increase the volume to audition the test recording be sure to take note of the setting so you can return the headphone output to this same volume prior to your real recording.

At $40 the iRig MIC Cast is a no brainer for any serious iOS audio buff. Used correctly it can provide a major boost to your audio quality and could be the fix that comes to your rescue under noisy conditions. You want this in your mobile production kit.

Here’s some pretty well dialed in audio using an iPad and bossjock 1.4 beta:

Here’s a vid of the unit (note, I didn’t quite have it dialed in…it’s not set to low and I’m loud):

If you are ready to make the plunge on the iRig MIC Cast considering purchasing it through our affiliate link. Just click on the image below:

3 Responses to “iRig MIC Cast a Killer External Mic for iOS”

  1. Kasper Andersen

    I have experienced that the iRig Mic Cast records significantly lower volume than the inbuilt mic in the iPhone 5. Only when recording in the iRig Recorder, did I find the volume to be better with the Mic cast.
    This is a big problem when using it for video or other apps.

  2. Klaus Schwettmann

    Just a question: I bought the microphone for my iPad (never used it until now however). Unfortunately is my iPod a generation to old. Now I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 telephone (Windows 8). Is the microphone compatible with this device? Thanks for any advice


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