FrankenSkype – The All iOS VoIP Podcast Rig

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It’s Alive! And it works! It may look crazy… but here’s one way to incorporate Skype into your bossjock studio sessions. You get full independent volume control of you and your guest and the whole rig runs on battery power. We call it FrankenSkype!

Now we are a few weeks away from launching our bossjock studio 1.4 iPad update, but this setup works just as well using the current 1.3 version of iPads in 2x mode.

Feast your eyes on this monstrosity:


But the proof is in the pudding and this pudding sounds pretty good:

Here’s the Recipe:

1 iPad
1 iPhone
1 iRig MIX
1 Mophie Juice Pack (To Power the Mixer)
1 Griffin iMic
1 Dynamic Microphone (like a beat up SM57)
1 XLR to 1/4 Inch Cable
1 Stereo TRS 1/8 Inch to 1/8 Inch Cable
1 1/8 Inch to Stereo RCA Cable (comes with iRig MIX)
1 Camera Connector Kit
1 Pair of Nice Cans (over the ear headphones with no built in microphone)

Plug the Dynamic Microphone into the Mic In of the iRig MIX with the XLR to 1/4 Inch cable. Plug your Skype running iPhone in to the iRig MIX’s second channel with a standard TRS stereo 1/8 Inch to 1/8 Inch cable. Important: DO NOT USE the 1/8 Inch TRSS cable that comes with the MIX which would override the iPhone’s built in mic which needs to remain active so your Skype guest can hear you. Plug the Mophie Juice Pack into the iRig MIX via the MIX’s mini USB port and power on the MIX. Make sure the iRig MIX is setup like the picture above. Note the position of all the fader’s and routing switches. The one thing you can’t see is the mic gain on the front of the unit, which you pretty much want to crank all the way up clockwise.

Using the MIX supplied 1/8 to Stereo RCA cable connect the left and right audio outs of the iRig MIX to the cable, and the other side which is an 1/8 inch plug should be inserted in the Griffin iMic’s In Jack. Make sure the Griffin iMic is set to “Line” with the slider on the side of the unit. Plug the iMic’s USB plug into the Camera Connector Kit and plug that into the iPad’s dock.

Finally plug your headphones into the Out of the Griffin iMic, the normal iPad headphone jack will be disabled. Make sure your Skype running iPhone has its volume turned up to the max. Now fire up bossjock studio. Lock the Mic Trigger to test that both the audio from your mic is working, and the audio from Skype is coming through. You’ll probably want to have your guest on the line to check their levels.

Once everything is coming through your headphones and sounding good you should be good to go. Hit record and you are off!

Rather than using a Camera Connector Kit and a USB audio interface you could use one of several Dock solutions like the new Blue Mikey that support stereo line-in to both iPads and iPhones.

If you are interested in purchasing the iRig MIX to build your own FrankenSkype please consider going through our affiliate program by clicking on the image below:

9 Responses to “FrankenSkype – The All iOS VoIP Podcast Rig”

  1. Tony Silveira

    I did a small modification to your described setup using a Samson G-Track USB studio microphone. There is a little trick to use it with the iPad USB adapter wish is to use a powered USB hub in between the microphone and the iPad in order to power it. Everything works really well but the microphone sound gets on the left Chanel only and the iPhone with Skype gets on the right Chanel. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we export the file as mono or edit on GarageBand to get the microphone sound on both chanels. Bossjock is an amazing tool. I still get a little noise (a hiss) when I press the microphone button on the application and I am working on a solution

    • admin

      Just wanted to comment here that we added the ability to mix the two sources panned straight up the middle. When a stereo USB device is connected a button appears in settings for “Stereo/Dual Mono”. The “Dual Mono” setting pans both audio sources up the middle.

  2. Linzy

    I am planning on broadcasting a live radio show using nicecast on my Mac. I would like to use your frankenskype setup, but how do I get the signal into the Mac. All of the outs seem taken?

  3. Kevin

    Got this setup (but using a turtle beach connector instead of the imic) and am not getting any sound coming into boss jock. Not sure why, could be that I’m using iPad first gen? sounds good in my headphones but comes up blank when I record.

  4. Kevin

    New plan…skip the iMic and the camera connector and just get the iRig Amplitube (a little cheaper than buying both) and add a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter to the 1/8 end of the Stereo RCA cable so you can just run the output into the amplitude and in to iPad via the headphone jack. This way I can run frankenskype on my iPad, iPhone, or anything else you want!

  5. Dave

    Are you doing a mix minus to skype with this setup? Is it even possible? If not hows the sound quality for the person on skype? Can they hear themselves talk?

    • admin

      In this circumstance the person on Skype is hearing me via the iPhone’s built in microphone, so a mix minus isn’t really necessary. Usually you are sending a mix of your voice, minus their voice, and that’s essentially what they are getting.


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