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Five Minute $5 Headphone Shootout from Five Below

Headphones That Get the Job Done for Five Bucks! Killer Cans – Some tools are worth your hard earned money, and headphones are tools of the Bossjock trade. So keep saving up for those Beats, Bose, Grados or Sennheisers. In the meantime we’ve found a pair that’ll get the job done for five bucks. If… Read more »

AppleVis Editorial App Pick of November is bossjock studio!

We are very pleased to have been chosen for the AppleVis App Pick of the Month! AppleVis is a community powered site dedicated to empowering visually impaired users with Apple, OS X and iOS apps and technology. This is a fabulous resource rich with reviews, active forums and podcasts. Apple takes accessibility very seriously, and… Read more »