AppleVis Editorial App Pick of November is bossjock studio!

We are very pleased to have been chosen for the AppleVis App Pick of the Month! AppleVis is a community powered site dedicated to empowering visually impaired users with Apple, OS X and iOS apps and technology. This is a fabulous resource rich with reviews, active forums and podcasts. Apple takes accessibility very seriously, and… Read more »

FrankenSkype – The All iOS VoIP Podcast Rig

Update: You may want to check out the sequel to this article based on the ART USB Dual Pre: Son of Frankenskype   It’s Alive! And it works! It may look crazy… but here’s one way to incorporate Skype into your bossjock studio sessions. You get full independent volume control of you and your guest… Read more »

iRig MIC Cast a Killer External Mic for iOS

There are a number of great external microphones that work with iOS and are a particularly good match for use with bossjock studio. The iRig MIC Cast is a slick mic from IK Multimedia. The MIC Cast is tiny, requires no power and is fantastic at capturing audio from a close source while reducing ambient… Read more »